About Spooky Spring

The theme of Spooky Spring 2019 is “The Grecian Underworld”. The entire event will be decorated and themed to match the mythology related to the Grecian underworld and it’s denizens. The reason for this choice is because Greek mythology matches spooky, Halloween-y themes with spring themes, which match our own seasons much better than the traditional pumpkins and autumn themes common in the Northern hemisphere. Hades - the God of the Underworld - is married to Persephone - the Goddess of Spring. Combine them and what do you get?  Spooky Spring! 


In Greek mythology, the Underworld (Hades) is divided into several distinct sections, which will allow us to theme different areas of the site in different ways.  

Tartarus is a fairly classic "bad place", where the bad souls were sent to be tortured. We're going to lighten the mood a bit and make it more age-appropriate for the kids, by building a little spooky village decorated to look scary but also fun. Behind each door of the village will be a costumed actor, ready to jump out and give the kids a fright, then reward them for their bravery with a treat. Will your kids be brave enough to risk a trip to Tartarus for some treats? 


Don't worry, parents! Tartarus will be walled off and guided to prevent smaller children from getting too frightened, and our actors will tailor their performance to your child's age and sensitivity level. If your kid is a bit nervous, just let us know and we'll do our best to make the experience more appropriate for them.


Elysium is a fairly classic "good place", a light, happy, green place where the good souls spend their eternity having fun. For us, Elysium will house the carnival, where we plan to have lots of bouncy castles and fun games for the kids. 

Asphodel Meadows is the “medium place” of the Greek Underworld, where souls go if they were neither particularly bad nor outstandingly good. At Spooky Spring, Asphodel Meadows is where we'll host the market, and perhaps some other light entertainment if anyone wants to provide it. 


In keeping with the theme, we're planning to use a special currency called "drachmae" in place of real money throughout the carnival and the trick or treating. Drachmae are small plastic tokens purchased in bags of 10 or 25 from our shop, which can be used to enter the trick or treating area, visit rides, or play games. Some of our market vendors may also accept drachmae, or you can just use normal money. 

Don't worry, there will be lots of chances to earn or win drachmae in the weeks leading up to the event, so no one has to miss out on the fun.  

Drachmae is transferable but non-refundable, so if you have any left over you can share it with your friends. Or, just keep it for next year!

Costumed Actors

To help everyone get into the mood, the event will be staffed by an assortment of costumed actors taking on different roles around the different regions. In Tartarus, Charon the Ferryman will guide your kids in to meet the Gruesome Guests, who will be dressed as spooky or creepy things to give your kids a scare and then reward them with a treat. Around Elysium and Asphodel Meadows, your children may encounter familiar faces from their favourite movies, or they can take their picture with the King of the Underworld and the Queen of Spring themselves at their throne in the main entrance.

What Else Is Going On?

Inside the main hall, Cheeky Kea will be hosting a shop where you can purchase snacks, souvenirs, or more drachmae if you run short. You will also be able to view all the entries in the Spooky Spring Creative Competition, and your kids can enjoy some creative fun with playdough, slime, and colouring. 

As if that isn't enough, we will also be screening some popular child-friendly Halloween movies (hopefully!), hosting quick-fire raffles, and giving out spot prizes for the best home-made costumes!  

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