The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust is a New Zealand-based non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping those who have limited options explore the opportunities of self-employment. As such, we need donations and volunteers to help us make the event as awesome as possible. 

  • If you are a private individual and would like to donate financially, you can do so via our  GiveALittle, PayPal (, or through our bank account below: 


The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust

Bank of New Zealand


  • If you are a business or corporation and would like to sponsor the event, please contact us via email to discuss what you would like to do.

In addition to financial donations, donations of goods and/or services are also very helpful to us. The following items are what we need this year:

  • Halloween decorations of any kind.

  • Artificial plants or flowers.

  • Child-safe craft supplies, including felts, crayons, coloured pencils, markers, coloured paper or card, pipe cleaners, stickers, decorations, buttons, eyes, scissors or snips, and just about anything else that kids could use to turn into something fun.

  • Paints and glues (child-safe is obviously preferred, but we can use non-child-safe ones for other projects or under supervision if you want to donate them).

  • Spare fabric, including smallish scraps of felt and old t-shirts which we could help the kids turn into trick-or-treating bags.

  • Books on mask-making and other crafts.

  • Plywood, particle board, or other sheets of wood in a decent, usable condition. Large sheets are best, but we can probably find a use for smaller pieces as well.

  • Unwanted house paint in a usable condition. Any colour.

  • Hinges, Screws, Nails, etc. Doesn't really matter if they're a bit rusty, since we want the village to look and sound spooky anyway!

If you have any of the above you would like to donate, please contact us below to arrange collection. Also, thank you! 

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