The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust is a New Zealand-based non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping those who have limited options explore the opportunities of self-employment. As such, we need donations and volunteers to help us make the event as awesome as possible. 

We will need volunteers to help us with the following tasks around the event: 

  • Assorted Gate Attendants, Cashiers, and Shop Assistants

  • Cashiers

  • Security Guards

  • Cleaners/Rubbish Collectors

  • Set Up & Pack Down Helpers

  • Costumed Actors - Roaming 

  • Costumed Actors - Gruesome Guests (Scarers)

  • Costumed Actors - Charon(s).

  • Photographer(s)

In the weeks leading up to the event, we also need:

  • People to help us create the village.

  • People to create and collect decorations and donations.

  • People willing to help with fundraising.

  • People willing to help organise the craft workshops and art contest.

In addition, any locals who are willing to host an out-of-town volunteer for a night or two would be greatly appreciated!

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